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What’s Next on My Horizon?

January 11th, 2012 · 9 Comments · Career, Personal

That’s the question I asked myself last night after I got the news that my position as Director of Operations for Measurement and Analytics at Edelman had been eliminated.

In the 5-months that I spent at Edelman Digital in Montreal, I learned a lot.

Measurement and Analytics are a must-have knowledge set. Just as in 1999 I pursued learning HTML because I thought it would be an essential skill for marketers and my career (and it has been), I believe that having measurement and analytics chops are mandatory to truly bring value to any company’s strategic decision-making. I will definitely continue to educate myself in this area, and encourage anyone who’s responsible for driving results to do so as well.

Corporations can be progressive. My return to the corporate world was long in coming, though in this case, brief. For being so large, Edelman is surprisingly agile in responding to the market and opportunities. This, I’m sure, accounts in large part for its incredible success. Some of the corporations I’ve worked for in my career sure could have learned a thing or two from Edelman’s approach.

Push yourself beyond your limits. When I left consulting to join Edelman Digital, I did so to go further in my career. I chose to narrow my focus to a small segment of my abilities in order to rise to other challenges, stretch and grow. It was a great way to learn new things about myself and to reaffirm some other things that perhaps I’d lost along the way.

Be grateful. I am truly grateful for my experience at Edelman. I am thankful for my successes, but more so for any missteps that I had while learning the ropes. Again, these were opportunities to learn so that I will grow and improve for the next time. I’m also grateful to have worked with so many amazing measurement and analytics pros, PR practitioners, web developers and senior management who impressed me with their dedication and talent.

What’s next for me? I’m looking for my next move. I want to use my talents in a more comprehensive way and integrate my experience – 5-years in social media with many more in marketing and communications.  I want to expand on my achievements in brand-building and strategic development, while continuing to stay at the front of the technology wave. I like trailblazers and organizations, big or small, seeking to make a difference. I want to do work that matters.

If you know of something that might fit the bill, please get in contact:


In the meantime, it looks like I’ll finally have time to get back to blogging ;)

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